mandag 20. april 2015

Ludum Game 32 Post Mortem

It is done!

After 48 hours of hard work I am finally done with my game.

It can be found here: (WEB) or download here (Zipped runnable JAR, requiers Java/JRE)

So what have I learned during these 48 hours?

1) Sleep is overrated
2) You get fuzzy in the head after 18 hours in front of a computer
3) SFXR and jcgmusic are great tool for indie game developers with no sound skills
4) Gimp and Inkscape have a lot of bugs but are great tools when they work
5) Box2D is quirky when doing physics on a small scale, especially in GWT
6) It is amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of time if you put your mind to it!

The biggest problems:

Bugs! And lack of time. I did not have time to do everything I wanted so had to cut a lot of features, like weapon upgrades and different types of weapons. But that is probably a good thing...

The greatest wins:

(To be continued....)