torsdag 13. august 2015

Week of Awesome - Day 4

This has been a day divided between several task, some more pleasing than others.
First of all, I had a whole lot of Git problems with a corrupted repository (OH NOES!) but luckily I could continue work on the game by creating a new git repository for it and working on it from there. The committ history is mostly gone though, which is a pain. It will be a painful merge job to put all the new stuff I have created for this game back in the game engine when I'm done. But it was worth it!

Also since I planned on releasing a first demo this day I have also worked on creating an executable, obfuscated Java jar file for distribution. I finally got it working - I thought - the jar file was obfuscated correctly but my previously runnable jar file was no longer runnable. After an hour of struggling with ProGuard config files I FINALLY managed to fix the problem with a couple of config additions, and so...


For the game I have spent most of the day on polish and assets. Some more animations, some appropriate sounds and some new graphics. As I use my own game engine I don't have the luxury of Unity's asset store and such, so most of my graphics are derivative work based on stuff I find on free clip art sites and Wikipedia open media commons and some other sites with royaltry free, mostly public domain graphics. I work on the graphics using InkScape and Gimp, the wonderful animation tool and for the sounds I have used Audacity. There is also a couple of wonderful sound tools for programmers called sfxr to create retro game sounds, and jcgmusic that creates music using an 'expert system' of sorts. I run the music through GXSCC-B236E to get the retro chiptunes I want. With just one person working on a game of this scale one have to take some shortcuts. :-)

The game is playable now, with win and lose conditions. Tomorrow I will start working on a tutorial and some quests!

Oh, and the demo can be downloaded here: (SHIFT CLICK to open download page)

Bear with me, I made some last minute font changes that does not look too well at all the screens...
If you can download and test and give some feedback I would VERY MUCH appreciate it! :-)