fredag 14. august 2015

Day 5 - the day of tweaking

Wow, tweaking takes time.

The game rules are now in place and mostly implemented, the only thing missing is the 'infected' code. The rules of the game will be as follows:

  • Harvest fields, put wheat in bags
  • Transfer wheat from bag to baskets
  • If you collect enough wheat for the family to survive the winter, you win!
  • Kill rats, don't kill humans
  • Rats love wheat, and want to steal whatever they can find on the ground and in the baskets
  • Light lamps with fireball (and if time to implement it, light stuff like wheat and basket on fire if you are not careful!)
  • Rats are attracted to light so that can distract them from the wheat fields, but so are humans
  • If rats and humans spend too much time together it is inevitable that the humans will get affected by plague
  • However, humans with plague is ok to 'reap' - you even get a bonus for containing the plague
  • Humans with plague affect other humans
  • If all humans die, you lose - so it is probably a good idea to kill off infected humans!
  • If too much wheat is eaten by rats, you lose
Things to tweak:
  • Rat speed
  • Human speed
  • Number of rats
  • Number of humans
  • Numer of fields
  • Amount of wheat per field
  • Amount of wheat harvester per swing of scythe
  • Player speed
  • Scythe cooldown
  • Scythe reload speed
  • Scythe reach / size
  • Fireball speed
  • Fireball cooldown
  • Number of fireballs
  • Fireball arc
I also have to get my ass in gear and start working on the tutorial level soon, the competition is nearing its end already!