onsdag 12. august 2015

Demo of the current state of the game

This has been a long day... I've been working on this thing for 16 hours now, so it's definitely about time to go to sleep!

This is the current state of the game, and I am quite happy with it so far!

New this time is I've got the menu flow up and running, the map selector is working as it should,

I've added a lot of tween animations to different screen elements and for mob deaths and spawns. I've also created a logo, and even come up with a corny name: Grime Reaper (get it?) - Harvester of Cobs (get it?) :-) Final name TBD, or I might stick with this one. I've also been surfing a lot of sites with free graphical resources that I can modify and use.

In addition I've created music for the intro, the menu screen and in game.

I've also worked on some seek, flee and flocking AI, and created logic for hitting enemies with the scythe.

I also think I've come up with a decent game idea, at least I'm happy with it. Feel free to comment on the video!

The plan is that the enemies should also hit each other, and the rats will infect other rats and humans. Don't let too many humans die! And kill as many rats as you can - they also eat your wheat. Also you can kill humans with the scythe if you're not careful.

I've also been working on a simple story system to create the Intro, the Extro, and different quests for different levels.

And finally, I've added the required splash screen!

Enjoy it!