lørdag 22. august 2015

Ludum Dare 33 - Day 1 finished, 1 day to go

The theme this time was 'You are the monster' - so the first thing I did was to draw some sketches of monsters. After some discarded attempts I came up with a monster that looked like if Cthulhu and a frog had a child together - a Cthoad? Anyway, I was quite happy with it - I figured it should have fiery eyes, a slithering body, ooze slime when moving around, and have horns, tentacles and long pointy teeth.

I am quite happy with the result:

I spent a lot of time getting the slime to remain in the level where I slither around, but I made it in such a way that I now can let everything else leave marks as well, like explosions, bullets, blood spatter etc - it creates a quite nice effect:

This game is gonna get bloody, I can feel it...

I went for a simple art style this time and rather few screen elements. The progress today has been good, tomorrow I have to create some actual gameplay!

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