onsdag 10. august 2016

Menu screen done

The somewhat simple menu screen is finished. Is it obvious that you have to click the skull to start the game?

Also, I have implemented different types of enemies, some large slow ones, small fast ones, and some flying skeletal dragons that breathes fireballs.

Also health and ammo pickups are implemented, and a goal of each level - the somewhat simplistic 'find the key and go to the exit' to enter the next level.

Here a debug screenshot of the current state of events:

The mood for the game should be dark, eerie, and somewhat panicky when the enemies storm you.
I'm quite happy with the results so far today, tomorrow I will start on sound and music to create the right atmosphere... Also I will have to add a final goal (maybe an end boss?) and some kind of story.

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  1. I like the inclusion of skeletal dragons--I tend to find them rather fun, I feel. ^_^

    As to the menu, I don't find it terribly obvious at all, I'm afraid; I imagine that I might end up clicking on it experimentally, given the lack of other (apparent) things to click on. Perhaps it's worth adding some text to the skull?


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